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The  ElectroPowerSaver ©

was developed by  ElectroPowerSaver in Berlin

This patented device will provide a Spare-energy-Circuit, prevent blackout and can help worldwide with many of the actual energy problems.

The known  powermanagementsystems used by the electric power suppliers may help with some of the problems but are controlled via wire (or wireless) from the powerplants.  This kind of controlling only works locally, is less stable, costs more money, is not failsave and can be subject to sabotage.

Our System ist autark (it really works independent), it only needs a small amount of money. Beyond the Controllers (one in each Flat) there is no additional infrastructure needet and this sytem will work worldwide without any problem. It is compatible to all existing systems, making it possible to mix the systems and insert this system step by step.

It is also really failsave and can absolutely not be "hacked", for it contains only onetime programmable devices.

Our NEW ElectroPowerSaver - System needs a new kind of thinking:

All consumers of electric power have to share the actual amount of elctric power and our system will provide this.

With the OLD actual electropowersystem the electropowerplants allways have to deliver any needet power in time to prevent brownout or blackout.

Our NEW ElectroPowerSaver will distribute the available eletroenergy on a just way and let remain a  spare-energy to every household as long as - in a given area - there is only one device left, that is producing electric energy (it is enough if about 5% of the normal Power is in the system . Our ElectroPowerSaver-Controller allways senses the state of the powerline and recognises if the load will increase to much.

If a Powerplant or the connection to it is no more available - the ElectroPowerSaver will distribute automatically the energy of one or more small generators to all connected users in a just way. So no user can use more electric power than the other users - the only thing to look at is, that all users MUST use the Electropowersaver-Controller. But this part is not expensive.

Many problems occure due to human errors, due to short overvoltage, due to the chainreaction of the components in the elctric distribution net or due to the problem to start a electric net from the scratch.

The Electropowersaver allows to start a big net with only a small generator because the electric devices "behind" it(as seen from the generator) only draw energy if the net is stable (voltage and frequency).

All those problems are caught with our Electropowersaver - BUT therefore - in a given area -it must be in every house or place where much electricity is used. 


This System works for everyone - in each System of electric power worldwide and can be implemented by people everywhere themselves!

The ElectroPowerSaver ( = EPS device) provides a uninterrupted (*) delivery of sufficient electroenergy for the most important Devices as Waterpumps, electric steering of oil- or gas-heatings, internet, PC, elevators, cellphone, wired phones, radio and TV.

To ensure this, it is important, that within a region each household or company has their  EPS devices and at least a spare connection to a electric powerplant or their own generators wich can provide about 5% of the normal electric - dissipation.


In a given village may live 500 people in 200 flats.

Each flat may have one instantaneous water heater with 21 KW one Herd with 3 KW, one dishwasher with 3KW and washing machine with 3 KW – together 30 KW, the smaller electrodevices can be ignored.

For Waterpumps, electric steering of Oil- or gas- heatings, internet, PC, elevators, cellphone, wired Phones, radio and TV  0.5KW will be enough.

At no time all user will need all thoe 0.5KW, thus we assume an average from 0.35KW – this taken by 200 flats we need a overall powerdelivery from 200 x 0.35KW = 70 KW for all the 200 Flats  to prevent a total blackout at all.

If in such a place there is no generator at all, people should consider the small cost for a 70 KW Generator compared with the problems without any electricity !

* Many villages have already some generators working in private “powerplants”. These devices use a standard (automotive) Motor coupled with a Generator, where the cooling water is used for heating, warm water or for industrial reasons. If enough of them are runnig or if there is wind- or soloarpower available there  will be no blackout at all, otherwise if normal generators are to be used, there will be some seconds until they are started.